Key guidance & reports

The B Team Responsible Tax Principles, The B Team, Feb 2018 

Making tax work for women's rights, Action Aid, Nov 2016

‘Panama Papers’: when tax abuse is human rights abuse, Centre for Economic and Social Rights, Apr 2016

Series of advocacy tools on tax policy & human rights, RightingFinance, Apr 2016

The Panama Papers: Victims of Offshore, International Centre for Investigative Journalism, Apr 2016

Mistreated. The tax treaties that are depriving the world’s poorest countries of vital revenue, ActionAid, Feb 2016

Engagement Guidance on Corporate tax responsibility, Principles for Responsible Investment, Nov 2015

Getting to Good: Towards responsible corporate tax behaviour, Troels Boerrild, ActionAid, Matti Kohonen, Christian Aid & Radhika Sarin, Oxfam, Nov 2015

Tax Avoidance – the Missing Link in Business and Human Rights?, Mauricio Lazala, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Oct 2014

Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Ms. Maria Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona, on taxation and human rights, May 2014

Tax Abuse, Poverty and Human Rights – IBAHRI Task Force report, International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute, Oct 2013

Who pays the price? Hunger: the hidden cost of tax injustice, Christian Aid, May 2013

Tax responsibility: an investor guide, ActionAid, Apr 2013

Business Ethics Briefing: Tax Avoidance as an Ethical Issue for Business, Institute of Business Ethics, Apr 2013

Global corporate taxation and resources for quality public services, Education Intl. Research Institute on behalf of Council of Global Unions, Dec 2011

Tax responsibility: The business case for making tax a corporate responsibility issue, ActionAid, FairFood, FairPensions, Jul 2011

Death and taxes: the true toll of tax dodging, Christian Aid, May 2008

A Code of Conduct for Taxation [PDF], Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs, Tax Justice Network, and Tax Research LLP, Oct 2007

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