Taylor McKellar report on implementing UN human rights standards in business operations in Middle East & North Africa

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22 October 2010

Operating responsibly in the Middle East and North Africa: Implementing the UN Guidance

Author: Nicholas A.J. Taylor, Taylor McKellar

It is now widely acknowledged that business operations and investment capital contribute to peace and stability in host societies...However poor risk management may not only contribute to political instability and violent conflict, but it may also harm the organisation by increasing the risk of doing business, repatriating assets, and the safety of personnel. Following the launch of the UN expert group guidance on responsible business and investment in conflict-affected and high-risk areas in June 2010, here we identify some challenges and opportunities to those seeking to use this latest thinking in the Middle East and North Africa region. We find that MENA provides a unique yet pertinent case that requires state and sub-regional analysis. This practice note will be of interest business leaders, institutional investors such as pension and sovereign wealth funds, as well as the media and NGOs.

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1 October 2010

[PDF] Operating responsibly in the Middle East and North Africa: Implementing the United Nations ‘Guidance on responsible business in conflict affected and high risk areas’

Author: Taylor McKellar

This practice note is intended to provide general but practical insight into four key areas of activity, or business functions, through which a company can align with...the Global Compact’s Ten Principles...First, we seek to demonstrate how the guidance may be useful in managing risk in zones of actual or potential conflict, as well as contribute to peacebuilding and stability. As such, this paper aims to identify some of the issues that businesses and investors might face in trying to implement the UN guidance, with a view to promoting further discussion on best practice and some of the more general implementation issues that business and investors could face in a real‐world developing country context. Second, we will begin to ‘test’ the efficacy of the guidance in a real-­‐world context: the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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