Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum

Workshop | 12-13 September | University of Essex

The next Teaching Business and Human Rights Workshop will take place on Thursday and Friday, September 12-13th, 2019, at the University of Essex in Colchester, England. The 2019 Teaching Workshop coincides with the annual Conference of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association (https://bhrscholarsassociation.org/2019-conference/). Teaching Workshop sessions will be scheduled to provide opportunities for interested attendees to participate in both events.

If you plan to attend and would like to help shape the Teaching Workshop agenda in the coming weeks, please contact Teaching Forum Co-Director Anthony Ewing ([email protected]).

Details on the Teaching Workshop Agenda and registration information will be posted to the Teaching Forum Discussion Board later this Spring.

We look forward to convening the Teaching BHR Forum Workshop outside of New York for the first time – thanks to our colleagues at Essex for hosting and at the Scholars Association for their collaboration – and hope to see many Teaching BHR Forum members in September. 

Anthony Ewing
[email protected]
Lecturer in Law
Columbia Law School

Joanne Bauer
[email protected]
Adjunct Professor of International Affairs
Columbia University