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20 July 2011

Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida Lead List of "Toxic 20" States with Most Toxic Air Pollution from Power Plants [USA]

Author: Natural Resources Defense Council [USA]

Residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida live in states with the most toxic air pollution from coal- and oil-fired power plants, according to an analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The study used publicly-available data in the...

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18 March 2011

TECO Energy shareholders vote on sexual orientation issue [USA]

Author: Margie Manning, Tampa Bay Business Journal [USA]

Shareholders of TECO Energy Inc. will vote on a resolution [submitted by the Office of the Comptroller of New York City] calling on the firm to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity...More than 88 percent of...

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11 May 2006

[full list] The Toxic 100: Top Corporate Air Polluters in the United States

Author: Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), Univ. of Massachusetts [USA]

1. E. I. Du Pont de Nemours [DuPont], 2. United States Steel , 3. ConocoPhillips, 4. General Electric , 5. Eastman Kodak, 6. Exxon Mobil, 7. Ford , 8. Tyson Foods, 9. Alcoa, 10. Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), 11. Dow Chemical, 12. Eastman Chemical, 13....

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23 May 2005

US: Coal Plants Could Be Much Cleaner

Author: Kenneth J. Stier, New York Times

...most new [coal-burning power] plants - about nine out of 10 on the drawing board - will not use integrated gasification combined-cycle technology. The reason is fairly simple. A plant with the low-pollution, high-efficiency technology demonstrated...

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