Telefonica’s transparency report: Co. improves transparency standards, says NGO

Author: AccessNow, Peter Micek, Published on: 18 February 2017

Six years in, transparency reporting has grown up, and it’s about to get schooled. About half of the world’s largest telecoms companies now report on government requests that impact our privacy and free expression, and the practice is steadily growing. Civil society and academia, meanwhile, are developing better ways to make the reports useful for understanding and responding to attacks on our fundamental rights. Let’s take a walk across the playground to see what’s new — including the first-ever report by Telefonica, the second report from AT&T, and a new transparency reporting toolkit...Telefonica, one of the world’s largest telcos, has released a transparency report that reveals for the first time details about requests from law enforcement authorities to hand over stored and real-time user data, to block or filter internet content, and to shut down network services. The report is a positive move forward for Telefonica and a good foundation to build upon for future reports. The company has surpassed our expectations, boldly revealing country-by-country data in Latin America — the first time a telecom has done so. We ask Telefonica to continue to issue regular transparency reports, and we call on other telcos in the region, including América Movil, to follow its lead. Below are some insights from the Telefonica data and suggestions for improving future reporting...

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