Tension between European & US oil & gas companies on engaging with UN on carbon pricing

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30 June 2015

UN calls for stronger climate actions by oil & gas firms

Author: Susanna Twidale, Reuters

“Big oil companies must work harder on climate, says UN”, 25 Jun 2015

Oil companies should urgently intensify their efforts to fight climate change, the United Nations climate chief said in a letter replying to six European firms…She also called on them to outline how they intended to meet the G7's call this month to decarbonise their economies by the end of the century…Europe's top oil and gas companies had written to Figueres, urging governments around the world to introduce a pricing system for carbon emissions…The oil companies should by joining discussion over carbon pricing and in particular outline what prices they think are needed to facilitate switching to cleaner fuels and encouraging investment in technology to capture and store carbon emissions underground, she said. "The world wants to be proud of your actions at this time of crisis and I look forward to your giving us every reason to be," she said. [Refers to BG Group, BP, Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil, Total]

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4 June 2015

Chevron says European oil & gas companies' strategy on climate change is not effective

Author: Neil Hume & Pilita Clark, Financial Times (UK)

"Chevron chief lashes out at European oil groups on climate change", 3 Jun 2015

The head of Chevron, one of the largest US oil companies, has attacked his European counterparts for backing a global carbon pricing system that he says consumers will never back.  Laying bare the rift between US and European fossil fuel producers over how to deal with rising pressure to tackle climate change, John Watson, chief executive, said that putting a price on carbon emissions was unworkable...Mr Watson said that he understood concerns about climate change and Chevron had taken many steps to address them.  “I am not aware of a company that has done more to address greenhouse gas emissions than my company,” he said.

2 June 2015

European oil & gas companies seek to engage with UN to help devise global carbon pricing system to combat climate change

Author: Pilita Clark & Ed Crooks, Financial Times (UK)

"European energy groups seek UN backing for carbon pricing system", 31 May 2015

Six of Europe’s largest oil and gas companies have banded together for the first time to ask the UN to let them help devise a plan to stop global warming.  In a sign of the rising pressure on fossil fuel companies ahead of a UN meeting in Paris to seal an international climate deal, the chief executives of groups including Royal Dutch Shell and Britain’s BP have sought direct talks with governments on creating a global carbon pricing system. “We owe it to future generations to seek realistic, workable solutions to the challenge of providing more energy while tackling climate change,” the executives say in a letter to the FT revealing their plan...[Also refers to BG Group, Chevron, Eni, Exxonmobil, Statoil, Total]

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