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13 June 2019

UK & global brand responses to 2019 living wage surveys

Author: Labour Behind the Label & Clean Clothes Campaign

Labour Behind the Label and Clean Clothes Campaign invited 32 brands to respond to their living wage survey, to update their study into brand progress towards payment of a living wage. The responses are attached. ...

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7 June 2019

Report: Major UK & global clothing brands are failing to deliver on living wage commitments to garment workers

In June 2019, Labour Behind the Label released 'Tailored Wages UK 2019: The state of pay in the global garment industry', which looked at 12 major UK brands in addition to 20 global brands - covering luxury, sportswear, fast fashion, and online retail...

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8 April 2019

Bangladesh: Brands respond to mass dismissals of garment workers following minimum wage protests

A widespread crackdown in Bangladesh has seen over 12,000 garment workers dismissed from factories following protests in December 2018 and January 2019 over minimum wage changes. The workers were dismissed despite assurances from the government and Ba...

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Company response
29 March 2019

Tesco's response

Author: Tesco

We are absolutely committed to the rights of all workers to freedom of association, and freedom from intimidation, along with all other labour rights. We have not received any specific allegations regarding dismissed individuals at any of our supplier...

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13 March 2019

Open For Business provides framework for cos. to act in public sphere to promote LGBT+ inclusion

Author: Open For Business (USA)

"Channels of Influence: How Companies Can Promote LGBT+ Inclusive Societies", Mar 2019...

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6 March 2019

Bangladesh: Human Rights Watch calls on govt. & global brands to investigate dismissals of protesting garment workers & end 'false' criminal charges

Author: Human Rights Watch

"Bangladesh: Investigate Dismissals of Protesting Workers", 5 March 2019...

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4 March 2019

Church investors to vote against boards of co's with poor polices on tax transparency, climate change & no female directors

Author: BBC

"Church pressures firms on tax and with no women directors", 4 March 2019...

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19 February 2019

UK: Equal pay claim brought by employees against supermarket Morrissons for allegedly discriminating against women

Author: Independent

"Morrisons faces Valentine's Day equal pay claim. A case of 'love me love equality'?" 16 Feb 2019...

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25 January 2019

Malaysia: Condom supplier to NHS and British retailers accused of 'shameful' working conditions & labour abuses

Author: Nicola Smith, The Telegraph

"Revealed: Condom supplier to NHS and British high street accused of 'shameful' working conditions", 23 January 2019...

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22 January 2019

Bangladesh: Factory forced to compensate female worker after beating & threatening her, linked to British & Belgian brands

Author: Simon Murphy, The Guardian

"Factory that supplied Tesco compensated abused worker", 22 January 2019...

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