Thailand: Forced labour likely to continue unless govt. & industry utilise technology & connect with workers' organisations

Author: Yon Sineat, The Phnom Penh Post, Published on: 16 May 2018

"Migrants 'need protection'", 14 May 2018

A report from the International Labor Rights Forum...said that forced labour and other abuses of foreign workers on board fishing vessels in neighbouring Thailand are likely to continue unless the government and industry actors take a different approach to resolving the problems they face.

...[T]he report...says, "the project set out to better inform the government, industry leaders and civil society on action plans, utilising technology platforms to systematically collect, analyse and report on work at sea, and connect workers to workers' organisations to implement such systems and remediate the situation".

The report recommends that the Thai government ratifies the nine core conventions of the International Labour Organization....

...One Cambodian, Chork Ny..."I didn't get a written contract for my working days or working hours, and I have worked both day shifts and night shifts. My salary was also not written in a contract – I only got oral contract details from my employer that my salary is 10,000 baht ($315) without an explanation of contract duration, working hours or other conditions,"...said.

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