Thailand: Mahachai Fishing Boat Association rejects media reports & says they don’t use trafficked workers

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30 June 2014

Mahachai Fishing Boat Association rejects media reports & says they don’t use trafficked workers

Author: Prom Vikitsreth, Bangkok Post (Thailand)

"Fishermen deny ‘slavery lies’ Western media has facts wrong, they say", 30 June 2014

Fishing boat operators are rejecting Western claims the industry relies on forced labour, saying their own boats are clean and should serve as an example to others. A trawler owner speaking on behalf of other fishing-boat operators who were members of the Mahachai Fishing Boat Association, said none of them used labourers who were victims of human trafficking on board their vessels…The boat owner, who asked not to be named, said there were several categories of what could be termed “fishing vessels” and they should not all be labelled bad when only a few broke the law…

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20 June 2014

US demotes Thailand, Qatar, Malaysia in Trafficking in Persons report – cites modern-day slavery among migrant workers

Author: Katie Hodal, Annie Kelly & Dan Roberts, Guardian (UK)

"US demotes Thailand and Qatar for abysmal human trafficking records", 20 June 2014

The US has signalled its mounting concern over modern-day slavery in Thailand and Qatar after it downgraded both countries on its human trafficking watchlist following revelations of appalling maltreatment of migrant workers. Thailand was relegated to the lowest rank in the state department's Trafficking in Persons (TiP) report – meaning it is now considered no better than North Korea, Iran or Saudi Arabia in the way it treats workers and protects them from abuse. Qatar was demoted to a watchlist one rung above, and will join Thailand if it doesn't improve its record in the coming years. Malaysia was also downgraded... The report said that…"many" of [Qatar’s] 1.2 million migrant workers faced conditions of modern slavery when they arrived to work there…

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