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The 2015 European Games in Azerbaijan: Human Rights Violations Already

Author: Michael Kourabas, in Triple Pundit, Published on: 21 August 2014

As oil-rich Azerbaijan prepares to host next year’s inaugural ‘European Games,’ the Azerbaijani government has stepped up its crackdown on activists speaking out against its abysmal human rights record.  As of this writing, more than 20 human rights defenders have been detained by the government, including four of the country’s most prominent activists. Meanwhile, the European Games’ lead organizer has claimed that it is not his job to criticize the host country; denied any knowledge of the government’s oppressive habits; and declared Azerbaijan an “incredibly free society.” Current and future corporate sponsors of the games should take notice and carefully consider their decision to be affiliated with the event...[As of August 2014, sponsors listed on are: BP, Nar Mobile, P&G, Tissot (part of Swatch), McDonald's and Tickethour]

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