The Business and Human Rights Summer School

Course | 24-28 June | Rome

The Business and Human Rights Summer School addresses the main challenges of rising economic globalization, particularly within the context of business and human rights through issues such as: the role and obligations of States, the recent and emerging human rights-related legislation regulating corporate activities worldwide, and the access to effective remedies for victims of corporate-related human rights abuses.

The program provides participants with up-to-date insights into the business and human rights international debate from a variety of legal, regulatory, and policy perspectives. In line with the polycentric structure of the UN Guiding Principles, the Summer School is organized around three Modules concerning, respectively, the State duty to protect human rights (I), the corporate responsibility to respect human rights (II) and the victims’ access to remedy (III).

The Business and Human Rights Summer School aspires to provide academics, NGO workers, lawyers, CSR experts and other practitioners with a comprehensive overview and knowledge of the legal mechanisms and tools applicable in the field of business and human rights while keeping up with current relevant developments at national, regional and international level. The Summer School received the endorsement of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Human Rights (CIDU).

For more information about the programme, modules, lecturers, and how to apply please follow the link below.