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The Investment Treaty regime. A key element for corporate power

1pm - 2:30pm | 23 May | online

The Investment Treaty regime. A key element for corporate power.

Target audience: Corporate power campaigners (members & allies of the Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity).

Description: The main objective of the Webinar will be to approach Corporate Power campaigners to the struggles against the Trade & Investment regime, and generate a collective reflection on the links between Trade & Investment regime and Corporate Regime. The Webinar will have a specific focus provisions in modern trade agreements that are increasing corporate power, on Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) as well as on the Multilateral Investment Court (MIC) proposed by the European Commission. It will also explore next moments of convergence between the two movements.

Language: the Webinar will be in English but a written translation to Spanish will be provided and participants will be able to intervene in Spanish.


Introduction: How the trade & investment regime ensures TNCs benefits, increases & locks in corporate power, and is a key component of the architecture of impunity.

Input 1: Trade and investment agreements: made for corporations by corporations. Now going beyond borders. Which mechanism are increasing corporate power the most in recent trade agreements? What are the new frontiers of the corporate agenda, and how do they push it in trade deals?
Q&A (written understanding questions)

Input 2: The state of ISDS worldwide: crisis or consolidation?  Will include a close look at the EU’s new global corporate court proposal
Q&A (written understanding questions)

Input 3: Upcoming global moments & spaces important for the trade moment, where convergence with the global campaign can be valuable. Two examples: opposing the EU global ISDS initiative at UNCITRAL, and converging at the anti-G20 actions
Q&A (written understanding questions)

Collective discussion

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