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The planet will lose every time that business calls the shots

Author: Dr. Robin Russell-Jones, Bert Schouwenburg, John Airs, Guardian (UK) , Published on: 9 January 2016

…[I]magine a scenario in 2030, whereby…companies are extracting shale gas and/or shale oil in the UK and Lord Deben’s [independent UK C]ommittee [on Climate Change] announced that further extraction was incompatible with the Climate Change Act, which requires an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. I have no doubt that those companies would sue the government under the terms of TTIP, and the result would either be massive compensation or repeal of the Climate Change Act…[A]ll the climate change agreements reached post-Paris are voluntary and there is no equivalent body to enforce environmental standards. Disputes will be held in secret without any environmental representation, so the planet will lose out every time…The reason for our implacable opposition to the TTIP…is that they are…about…a transfer of power and sovereignty from EU member states to unaccountable transnational corporations in whose interests these deals are made…

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