The politics of corporate social responsibility: Reflections on the United Nations Human Rights Norms for Corporations

Author: David Kinley (Univ. of Sydney), Justine Nolan (Univ. of New So. Wales), Natalie Zerial (Univ. of Sydney) in Company & Securities Law Journal [Australia], Published on: 1 February 2007

To what extent social responsibilities should be made legally enforceable remains a matter of some fierce debate. There are already many laws in Australia that bind corporations...But should there be more specific human rights coverage, especially in respect of off-shore corporate activities in developing countries where there are well-documented examples of corporate abuse – or corporate complicity in host-state abuses...This article analyses the debate over the Norms, focusing on the various reasons advanced by both sides, their legal implications, and the likely future of the Norms within the context of the developing notion of CSR, internationally and in Australia.

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