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The prizes of the second annual Undertaking Peace [Colombia]

Author: Andean Development Corporation (CAF) , Published on: 14 October 2009

In recent years and in view of the resurgence of the conflict in Colombia, the business sector's commitment to peace building has become more visible and has been assumed by companies as a matter of interest and responsibility. The purpose of the “Undertaking peace: the business initiative” prize is to enhance the potential of large, medium, small and micro enterprises for generating and contributing to peace building in Colombia. The winners...were:...Coffee Company del Huila Ltda. with its initiative: “Let's live better to harvest quality“...Augura del Urabá Antioqueño with its initiative: “Alliance for the Socioeconomic Development of the Urabá Banana Communities“...Pavco de Occidente [part of Mexichem] with its initiative: “Inclusion for Peace“...Special mention...Artesanías de Colombia...

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