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5 February 2018
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Author: El Periódico, Voz de América

“Corte falla contra aplicación Tinder por discriminación” – 3 de febrero de 2018...

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13 March 2017
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Author: Morgane Tual, Le Monde (France)

« Les entreprises du Web s'affichent en faveur des LGBT et veulent le faire savoir », 11 mars 2017...

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28 March 2015

Ellen Pao lawsuit loss will not slow fight for gender equality in Silicon Valley

Author: Susie Cagle, Guardian (UK)

…Despite the verdict [in Kleiner’s favour], Pao and other women in the tech industry remained defiant, hinting at more fights to come in their efforts to level the playing field. While Pao’s trial was under way, former employees at Twitter and...

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25 February 2015

What’s Really at Stake in Ellen Pao’s Kleiner Perkins Lawsuit

Author: Emily Bazelon, New York Times

…It is telling that the highest-profile lawsuit of the moment in Silicon Valley isn’t about intellectual property or antitrust violations, but about sex discrimination…At the heart of the case is Pao’s claim that a married colleague at Kleiner Perkins...

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22 September 2014

USA: Tinder settles sexual harassment lawsuit brought by co-founder

Author: Chris Spargo, Daily Mail (UK)

"Tinder settles sexual harassment lawsuit as female co-founder branded a ‘heartless w**** who flirts with Muslim pigs' gets undisclosed sum, and male aggressor at the center of the scandal leaves company", 9 Sep 2014 ...

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