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14 August 2018

Egypt: Photo essay denounces the health consequences of Titan Cement Company's plant on local residents

Author: Sara Aridi, New York Times

"A Portrait of an Egyptian Neighborhood Breathing Toxic Dust", 7 August 2018...

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26 June 2018

Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin: The use of consumer protection laws for corporate accountability

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Company response
29 May 2018

Titan Cement comments on the Dekheila Appellate Misdemeanor Court ruling

Author: Titan Cement Egypt

... Despite the significant investments and efforts to minimize any impact from the performance of our plant, there have been occasional complaints from residents and in certain few cases legal actions against APCC, for alleged environmental violations...

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6 April 2018

Egyptian court finds TITAN Cement guilty of causing pollution and violating right to health in rare conviction

Author: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

[A] judgment issued by the Dekheila Appellate Misdemeanor Court on March 21, 2018 […] found Alexandria Portland Cement -Titan guilty of causing environmental pollution and violating the neighboring residents’ right to health […]The prosecution accused...

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Company non-response
24 July 2017

TITAN Cement Company S.A. did not respond to EIPR rejoinder

Author: TITAN Cement

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited TITAN Cement Company S.A. to respond to EIPR's rejoinder. TITAN Cement stated that it will not provide a response.

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NGO rejoinder
23 July 2017

EIPR responds to TITAN: At least 14 incidents in last 2 years refute argument that recent heavy emissions was an isolated incident

Author: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), Egypt

Rejoinder to TITAN Cement’s response to a video of the incident on 18 May 2017...

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Company response
20 June 2017
+ العربية - Hide

Author: شركة تيتان للأسمنت

تؤكد شركة تيتان مصر للأسمنت وقوع حادث مؤقت في مصنع أسمنت بورتلاند الإسكندرية في 18 مايو 2017، مما تسبب بانبعاث الغبار. وتم اكتشاف الحادثة والسيطرة عليها بشكل سريع جداً....

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Company response
19 June 2017

TITAN Cement Response

Author: TITAN Cement

TITAN Cement Egypt (TCE) confirms that due to a temporary incident at the Alexandria Portland Cement plant (APCC), on May 18, 2017, release of dust was caused. The incident was detected and brought under control very quickly. ...

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18 June 2017

Egypt: Residents capture video showing large emissions from TITAN factory

Author: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

Video: Wadi al-Qamar residents capture emissions from Titan’s Alexandria Portland Cement, 29 May 2017...

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19 April 2017

Corporate Legal Accountability Annual Briefing - Corporate impunity is common & remedy for victims is rare

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

This year’s Annual Briefing highlights the rising impunity of companies’ involvement in human rights abuse...Unscrupulous companies are increasingly targeting activists, using the justice system to hold them accountable, with repression and lawsuits. ...

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