To Protect Human Rights, Companies Must Pull Out of Iran

Author: Mark D. Wallace and Irwin Cotler, United Against Nuclear Iran in [USA], Published on: 27 January 2012

[T]he United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on human rights, Ahmed Shaheed...documented Iran’s brutal record of persecuting religious and ethnic minorities within its borders...and decried Iran’s “dramatic” increase in executions...Iran has an abysmal human rights record, and companies who do business there seriously risk having their products misused for nefarious ends...[T]he Iranian regime exploits telecommunications companies and technologies to track and spy on democracy activists...Companies around the world have also indirectly aided Iran in its public a result of [United Against Nuclear Iran]’s efforts to highlight the misuse of their equipment, manufacturers like Liebherr, Konecranes, UNIC, Tadano, and Terex took the principled stand of ending their business in Iran...Given what we know about human rights situation and the regime’s abuse of technology, there are no excuses left for a company to be doing business in Iran. [also refers to Nokia Siemens Networks (joint venture Nokia & Siemens), MTN, Huawei]

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