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Company response
15 June 2005

[Updated company response from TOP-TOY on labour conditions in toy factories in China following release of English version of SwedWatch and Fair Trade Center report "Easy to Manage"

Author: Lars Goerup, TOP-TOY

We are pleased to update you on the situation after the research made more than 1 year ago...We are continuing to encourage and help the suppliers of TOP-TOY branded products on improving the ethical and working conditions for the workers.

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2 June 2005

company website: "TOP-TOY - Supplier information"

Author: TOP-TOY

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1 May 2005

[PDF] "'Easy to manage'- A report on Chinese toy workers and the responsibility of the companies"

Author: Kristina Bjurling, SwedWatch

SwedWatch has chosen to focus our research on some of the largest toy selling companies in Sweden, Top Toy (BR-toys and Toys R Us), Brio and Coop [Coop Norden]. Other international companies that are mentioned in the report are Disney, Wal-mart and...

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28 September 2004

China: Report alleges violations of workers' rights at toy factories

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28 September 2004

[PDF] Appendix: Comment from Top Toy [scroll to p. 69]

Author: TOP-TOY

We are unpleased with some of the findings, and we are working with Fair Trade Center/HKCIC [Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee] to clarify the serious issues. All 6 factories manufacturing TOP-TOY branded products have within the last few years...

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