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Total nominated for 2015 Pinocchio Climate Awards for promoting gas in Argentina & other countries

Author: Pinocchio Awards, Published on: 2 November 2015

French fossil fuel giant Total is leading a full-scale lobbying offensive to promote gas, including unconventional gas from fracking, as a solution to climate change. It is doing so with underhand and dirty tactics such as taking over two of the main renewable energy trade associations in Europe. Pushing for gas will only lock Europe into fossil fuel dependency –– whilst misdirecting investment away from…community-owned renewables and improved energy efficiency…With a full-scale lobbying and public relations offensive, Total are attempting to re-brand a dirty fossil fuel, gas, as the ‘cleanest of fossil fuels’…Total’s big push for gas is not about concern for the climate crisis, but concern for their pockets...[Total has] gas operations in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Algeria and the UK. Fracking often leads to ground-water contamination, serious health impacts, seismic instability, methane leakages, and significantly higher carbon emissions overall than other fossil fuels…[Previous response from Total on the social and environmental impacts of its activities sia avilable here (in French).]

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