Tough law should guide ship breaking industry [Bangladesh]

Author: Shahiduzzaman Khan, Published on: 1 December 2009

Incidents of fresh deaths were reported from the ship breaking yards in Chittagong...In spite of shutdown ordered by the High Court, more hazardous ship-breaking yards are registering a phenomenal growth...ship-breaking yard owners...have have been encouraged by the recent International Maritime Organisation (IMO) announcement to phase out over 2,000 old single-hull oil tankers owned by the European Union (EU) countries by 2012. These tankers are now on sale as scrap ships. Local businessmen are on the run to buy these ships...The Labour Law of 2006 is being blatantly violated in the yards. The labourers work without any safety gear and handle toxic substances with their bare hands. They neither have any job contract nor health environment-friendly policy needs to be framed to give the ship breaking industry a better look.

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