Toxic Legacy [USA]

Author: Jan Barry, Mary Jo Layton, Alex Nussbaum, Tom Troncone, Lindy Washburn, Barbara Williams, Thomas E. Franklin, Record [New Jersey, USA], Published on: 2 October 2005

Over 25 years, Ford churned out over 6 million cars and trucks at a vast factory in Mahwah [New Jersey]. But that remarkable production came at a cost. Before the plant closed in 1980, it also generated an ocean of pollution that was dumped in the forests of North Jersey. The waste continues to contaminate a mountain community in Ringwood and threatens the region's most important watershed. A team of Record reporters investigated this mess. This site explains, and shows, what they found... Ford says its dumping in Ringwood was legal. Indeed, from the time the plant opened in 1955 until 1970, industrial dumping was essentially unregulated... Ford says others dumped in Ringwood and share responsibility... The company also insists it is doing everything required by the EPA [US Environmental Protection Agency] to clean up... [also refers to Arcadis, O'Connor Trucking & Haulage]

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