Translating intent into action in Ethiopia

Author: UNAIDS, Published on: 25 November 2008

…The Ethiopian Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS (EBCA), GTZ Engineering Capacity Building Program, the World Bank Institute and the Rapid Results Institute implemented a pilot programme to achieve rapid HIV results within businesses in Ethiopia in 100 days …Tadesse Tekallign of Crown Cork and Can Share Company… [said],“The pilot project is creating new best practices on HIV in Ethiopia’s private sector…The companies are finding their own solutions and tackling challenges quickly…” All companies…exceeded…their goals… [Participating companies include: Alkyd Resin Share Company, Crown Cork and Can Share Company, East Africa Holding Company, Emergency Relief Transport, Kaliti Construction, Kaliti Metal. Mugher Cement, Prefabricated Building Parts Production Enterprise, Total Ethiopia (part of Total)]

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