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2 February 2007
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Author: Silvia Mendoza Martínez y Bruno Rivas Frías, El Comercio [Perú]

La violencia endémica que azota Iraq no es el único riesgo que corren los peruanos que laboran en ese país. Nuestros compatriotas también sufren maltratos, discriminación y vejaciones que provienen de su propio empleador, es decir, de la compañía...

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29 October 2006

[PDF] full report: "Corporate Mercenaries - The threat of private military and security companies"

Author: War on Want

The following pages examine the rapid expansion of private military and security companies (PMSCs), particularly as a result of the occupation of Iraq. As well as providing information on the activities of these companies, the report urges all readers...

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1 December 2004

[PDF] The Privatization of Human Rights Violations – Business Impunity or Corporate Responsibility? The case of human rights abuses and torture in Iraq

Author: Nils Rosemann, in Nebula

...interrogations by private military and security corporations are just the tip of the iceberg...there are about 20,000 private security contractors in Iraq, including Americans, Iraqis and other foreigners. [refers to DynCorp (part of Computer...

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