Tunisia: Garment workers strike over ongoing labour dispute following dismissal of union leaders at Gartex factory

An article published by Industriall exposed the ongoing strike of workers at Gartex garment factory workers in Tunisia. Gartex, a subsidary of german company Gardeur, owned by Dutch company Duijndam has failed to pay wages for workers amid the COVID crisis in violation of recent labour laws decree signed by the ˇunisian government and collective agreement made upon COVID-19 to maintain salaries of workers in the private sector.  Back in 2018, the union general secretary and assistant general secretary were dismissed after a meeting with workers to discuss problems in the workplace.

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre contact Duijndam and Gardeur to respond to these allegations.  The companies did not respond.


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Company non-response
2 June 2020

Atelier Gardeur did not respond

Company non-response
2 June 2020

Duijndam Machines did not respond

1 June 2020

Tunisian garment workers strike over dismissals of union leaders

Author: Industriall

"Tunisian garment workers strike over dismissals of union leaders", May 18th 2020 

Workers at Gartex in Tunisia went on strike for two days in May, as attempts to solve a wide range of labour issues have been stonewalled by the employer for more than two years.

Due to poor health and safety in the workplace, the union requested a visit from the medical labour inspection in June last year. Various health and safety violations were confirmed and a long list of recommendations was issued.

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