Tunisia: Groups & community call on businesses to pledge in protection of workers and their families amid coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Tunisian groups set up a campaign probing businesses to ensure the safety of their employees and their families in the time of pandemic. 

Recalling the business responsibility to protect human rights  amid the crisis, the campaign demanded business owners in Tunisia, or those with business operations in Tunisia to pledge in protection their employees amid the pandemic. Workers were also to partake in the campaign by forwarding the pledge to their employers and demanding safety measures and health, and job security measures from their employers.

The pledge asks business owners to commit to taking the necesseary steps to ensure that workers are safe and secrue amid the crisis, including:  

  •  Implementing remote work arrangements. 

  • Connecting virtually instead of traveling and meeting face-to face

  • Cleaning offices 

  • Postponing large gatherings of 10+ people and rescheduling critical ones to conference calls

  • Granting 14 paid sick days for symptomatic employees: 

Startups and companies in Tunisia have already adopted these measures but it is expected that many more companies follow.

The pledge can be found below. 


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