UAE: Indian carpenter repatriated after being left jobless and stranded

Author: Anjana Kumar, Gulf News (UAE), Published on: 15 January 2020

"Stranded Sharjah carpenter returns home after losing job, visa in the UAE," 14 Jan 2020

An Indian carpenter... [stranded] in Sharjah for [two] years has been repatriated - thanks to fellow Indian community members and the Consul General of India (CGI) in Dubai.

Rakesh Kumar, 45, was stuck in the UAE without a job, money, food and accommodation...

Kumar recalled, "My passport was taken away, my visa expired in 2018 and I was left with no money. I had no savings with me to sustain [my life]"...

He had no choice but to leave the labour accommodation which he shared with other blue collar workers.

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