UAE: Indian workers stranded penniless without housing & visas after suffering Covid job losses

Author: Ch Sushil Rao, Times of India, Published on: 27 May 2020

"Lockdown effect: 99 Indian workers from Telangana without work and accommodation forced to live under trees in Sharjah and Dubai," 26 May 2020

During Covid lockdown, 99 Indian workers from Telangana pushed out of their jobs and having no accommodation too are taking refuge under trees and under construction buildings in Sharjah Industrial Area-3 in the UAE... [and] in Sonapur and Al Quoz in Dubai...

Amongst the workers are also those whose visa had expired but were unable to return to India due to lockdown as also as they had no money.

The workers living under trees in the Al Quoz area in Dubai are being provided food by social organisations.

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