Uganda: Youth allege exclusion in employment opportunities & lack of information on oil sector

Author: Guild Presidents Forum on Governance (Uganda), Published on: 5 March 2018

"Communique calling on government to improve efforts to enable youth employment in the oil sector"

The Guild Presidents' Forum on Oil Governance...[has termed President Museveni's position that] foreigners could be hired to fill the skills gap in Uganda's oil and gas sector...[as] painful and a rebuff to youth's hopes of finding gainful employment in the oil sector...They observed that...access to information on relevant oil and gas skills is still limited, putting them at risk of studying irrelevant courses...[They noted that they are at risk] of being exploited by businessmen because of insufficiencies in government's dissemination of information on skills necessary for the oil sector...[They called on the government to] put in place quotas that show what percentage of Ugandan's must be employed in the oil and gas sector.


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