UK: Amazon criticised over health & safety record by union

Author: Dunfermline Press, Published on: 22 November 2018

"MSP: Number of Serious Incidents 'Incredibly Concerning'", 19, November, 2018

Amazon has stressed that its Dunfermline fulfilment centre is a safe place to work despite 75 serious incidents at the facility over the last four years. After a Freedom of Information request, the GMB Union released the stats which date back to 2015. Injuries include concussion and/or internal head injury, strains and sprains, fractured bones, lacerations and open wounds.GMB Scotland secretary Gary Smith slammed the figures: “Amazon’s health and safety record at Dunfermline is appalling – they are treating workers like robots, not humans,”“The least they can do is open the doors to the workhouse in Dunfermline so trade unions can get access to, and represent, these workers and reduce the terrible number of accidents.”...A spokesperson for Amazon refuted the concerns. “We take pride in our buildings as safe places to work – according to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive RIDDOR, Amazon has 43 per cent fewer injuries on average than other transportation and warehousing companies,” said the spokesperson.“We encourage you to compare our pay, benefits, and working conditions to others. Come see for yourself on one of the public tours we offer every day at our centres across the UK:”

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