UK: Bakery owners to appeal High Court decision that they unlawfully refused to bake pro-gay marriage cake

Author: Alan Erwin, Irish Times, Published on: 19 December 2016

"Ashers’ bakery to take ‘gay cake’ case to Supreme Court", 16 Dec 2016

Christian bakers found to have unlawfully refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan are to press ahead with attempts to take their case to the Supreme Court...Lawyers for the McArthur family can now petition directly for a hearing in London after being formally refused leave to appeal by senior judges in Belfast.  Ashers’ Baking Company was also ordered to pay limited costs in the landmark legal dispute...In October, the Court of Appeal upheld a finding that the family, who run Ashers’, directly discriminated against Mr Lee due to his sexuality...The firm was also ordered to pay £500 compensation to Mr Lee.  Lawyers for the McArthurs appealed the ruling, arguing it would have been sinful for them to complete the order...The Lord Chief Justice pointed out that the McArthurs had not been asked to support gay marriage...Following further submissions on Friday on attempts to take the case to London, Sir Declan confirmed: “We refuse leave to appeal; we consider the matter should be properly left to the Supreme Court.”...

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