UK: Black workers face great pay gap, study shows

Author: James Moore, Independent (UK), Published on: 1 February 2016

"Black workers 'face widening pay gap the more qualifications they earn'", 1 Feb 2016

The pay gap faced by black workers widens the more qualifications they obtain, according to research revealing the challenges faced by ethnic minority Britons pursuing professional careers. Black graduates leaving university earn an average of 23 per cent less than their white counterparts, the new analysis shows…Malia Bouattia, black students’ officer at the National Union of Students, said:…”[school] sends you into a workspace where you hardly find anyone in positions of leadership who really looks like you.”…The figures chime with research last year by the recruitment consultancy Green Park Group, which found that the number of all-white boards in the FTSE 100 actually increased to 62 in 2015, from 61 the previous year. The recruiter also found an “alarming” decline amongst its “pipeline” top-100 leaders, with the index losing the equivalent of nearly 40 non-white leaders in 12 months…

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