UK: Boohoo CEO explains steps being taken to protect factory workers' labour rights & denies contributing to negative impacts of fast fashion

Author: Tom Pegden, LeicestershireLive, Published on: 5 August 2019

"Boohoo boss John Lyttle explains what they are doing to help workers in its Leicester suppliers", 5 August 2019

... CEO John Lyttle said a 20 strong team based in Leicester was helping ensure its suppliers in the city were treating staff ethically and paying them a fair wage. And he said the business was helping its UK suppliers with their cashflow by bringing in 14 day payment terms - down from the previous payment terms of 30 days.

Mr Lyttle... [said] he believed his... business... was not contributing to the negative consequences of fast fashion... [H]e reacted to reports the Usdaw union was finding it hard to hold talks over recognition at the company’s Burnley warehouse, by saying Boohoo staff were welcome to join a union if they wanted to...

One Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership report suggested workers in the city’s clothes factories got just over half the average UK manufacturing wage of around £32,000.

Mr Lyttle said: “We have an office in Leicester which has auditors who go out and visit and inspect factories on a daily and weekly basis, mostly unannounced... Over 80 per cent of them have automated payrolls, making payments straight into bank accounts which is a great way to ensure they are paying the correct wages and that staff work the correct number of hours... We have also entered into a partnership with Hope for Justice to ensure the rights of workers within our supply chain"...

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