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UK: Boohoo staff reportedly stopped from engaging with trade union following accusations of refusing trade union negotiation & recognition

Author: Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW), Published on: 18 June 2019

"Boohoo claims ring hollow after the company instructs staff to ignore Usdaw reps and bin their leaflets", 11 June 2019

A Boohoo worker contacted Usdaw to explain how the company are responding to the union’s ongoing campaign for recognition: “I work for Boohoo and all staff were told that when leaving work at 6pm there would be union reps outside wanting to talk to us. We were then told that we should not speak to anyone and if given any leaflets we are to just put them in the bin. I thought you would like to know what it is they are up to, that no matter what they say to you they don't want a union and will do whatever they can to stop it from happening, even make staff feel like they will lose their jobs over it. Please keep my name out of it, I am only telling you because what they are doing is wrong.”

Mike Aylward – Usdaw Divisional Officer says: “This account of what Boohoo management are up to is shocking and a direct contradiction of the statements they have made in the media and to MPs..."

...“Boohoo staff clearly know that what managers are doing is wrong and they fear for their jobs if they speak out. This behaviour is a throwback to a Dickensian employer of 1819, rather than a modern ethical trader of 2019. We have received fantastic support from Boohoo employees asking us to keep up the campaign for recognition, which is simply at odds with what the company is saying..."

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