UK: Employers not doing enough to tackle mental health prejudices, Bupa study says

Author: PM Editorial, in CIPD blog (UK), Published on: 29 October 2014

"Employer bias against mental health conditions rife, study reveals", 28 Oct 2014

A study of employer attitudes towards staff with mental health conditions has revealed that 94 per cent of UK leaders admit prejudice against sufferers remains an issue in their organisation…The majority of employers (88 per cent) claimed to have a culture that encourages people to openly discuss mental health. However…70 per cent…of employees said they did not feel comfortable talking about such issues or concerns. Bupa said that organisations are not doing enough to rectify mental health prejudices even though three quarters of leaders recognise the business case for staff mental well-being…Emma Mamo…[from] Mind, said: “This research…echoes our own findings – that mental health is still a taboo in the workplace. "It’s good that organisations are increasingly acknowledging the importance of prioritising the well-being of their staff, with those who make mental health a priority seeing the benefits in terms of increased staff productivity and morale; and decreased sickness absence…”…

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