UK: Insurance companies accused of suppressing facts about child sex abuse in council care homes

Author: David Barrett, Telegraph (UK), Published on: 16 January 2015

"Insurance companies 'suppressed facts' about child sex abuse", 14 Jan 2015

Insurance companies tried to “suppress” information about child sex abuse in council care homes, a whistleblower has claimed. Tim Hulbert, a retired civil servant and local authority chief, said he was “instructed” by a county council’s insurers not to admit liability or apologise to victims involved in a sex abuse investigation. Mr Hulbert...accused insurers of “immoral and obscene” behaviour which had allowed the full extent of abuse to remain hidden...Mr Hulbert [said]...: “Some insurers sought to suppress facts and justice for vulnerable young people in order to protect their own commercial interests. “Put simply, out of greed....He declined to name the insurance company but said it was a household name and operated internationally.

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