UK: Labour would stop "scandalous" company tax avoidance, says party leader Ed Miliband

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24 January 2013

Tax avoidance - an introduction

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

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13 January 2013

Labour would stop 'scandalous' company tax avoidance, says Miliband

Author: Nicholas Watt, Guardian [UK]

A Labour government would stop "scandalous" tax avoidance by multinational companies operating in Britain by ending secrecy over tax rates, Ed Miliband has said...Firstly, multinationals would have to publish a single figure for the amount of corporation tax they pay. Companies would be free to structure their business as they see fit but would have to make an open declaration on the tax. Secondly, tax laws that allow companies to avoid tax on profits made in Britain would be reformed. This is aimed at companies such as Starbucks and Amazon, which have structured their businesses to ensure they pay taxes in countries with lower rates.

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