UK: Lidl likely to top supermarket pay league table with wage increase for 19,000 employees

Author: Zoe Wood, The Guardian, Published on: 27 November 2019

"Lidl’s 19,000 UK staff to get pay rise in line with living wage", 19 November 2019

Lidl is giving its UK staff a pay rise worth £10m with a higher hourly rate likely to propel it to the top of the supermarket pay league table.

The retailer said 19,000 employees would get a pay rise in March when its hourly rate would move from £9 to £9.30 outside London and from £10.55 to £10.75 in the capital. The rises match the higher rate announced by the Living Wage Foundation...

...Lidl’s UK chief executive, said: “...we feel fortunate to be able to make this investment in our colleagues and give them peace of mind with regards to their salary. Our hourly paid employees represent over 80% of our entire workforce, and are the absolute backbone of our business.”

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