UK Trade Union Group of MPs criticise Natl. Express Group over its US subsidiary's alleged anti-union behaviour

There has been a longstanding dispute between unions and National Express regarding its US operations.  The Unions allege that the company's US subsidiary engages in systematic anti-union behaviour.  The company disputes this.  See previous coverage:

The report from The Trade Union Group (made up of UK MPs) is based on a fact finding trip to South Carolina and Tennessee by Ian Lavery MP and Jim Sheridan MP.  You can access the report and National Express' response to it below.

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6 May 2015

Natl. Express: A response to the inaccuracies in the Trade Union Group report

Author: National Express

This document is a response to the recent report released by the Trade Union Group.  After speaking to only 13 out of 24,000 employees, the report makes a series of inaccurate claims.  This document seeks to set the record straight...

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17 April 2015

Broken Commitments, Vulnerable Workers

Author: Trade Union Group of MPs

While in the United Kingdom over 90 per cent of NEX [National Express] workers are unionised, only 32 per cent of Durham [part of National Express] workers belong to a trade union in the USA.  Evidence suggests that the main reason for this glaring discrepancy is Durham's active anti-union stance...In our opinion, there is a clear need for intervention from the NEX Board of Directors... We recommend the Board create and implement a global workplace rights policy that ensures freedom of association and includes a strong independent monitoring, reporting, and enforcement mechanisms...

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