Ukraine: 16 seafarers repatriated after three-months abandonment in Port of Casablanca by shipping co.

Author: Safety4sea, Published on: 27 April 2018

"16 Ukrainian seafarers repatriated after three-month abandonment", 19 Apr 2018

16 Ukrainian crew members of the container ship 'Avonmoor', who had been abandoned in the Port of Casablanca since January 2018, have been now repatriated home to the Ukraine, after efforts of International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Inspectors, and ITF affiliate, Moroccan Workers' Union (UMT).The 16 crew members of the Bahrain-flagged vessel were abandoned without wages, provisions, fuel and first aid supplies. The vessel was in blackout, whilst anchored in the mouth of the port, which caused significant security concerns for the crew.Once it was established that the owner, Tylos Shipping and Marine services, were failing to deliver on their promises to the crew, the ITF called on the P&I Club to establish a plan of action.Thanks to coordinated efforts from P&I, port authorities, the Ukrainian Embassy, ITF and UMT, wages totaling $107,000USD were paid by P&I ($20,000USD were paid by the owner as part of December salaries during the negotiations) and the crew repatriated home.ITF have identified previous issues on this same vessel, as well as other ships of the same company, with unpaid wages and failure to repatriate crew. [Refers to Tylos Shipping and Marine services]

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