UK's Co-operative Financial Services helps fund aboriginal community's legal action to prevent oil sand development in Canada

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26 February 2009

Co-op to help fund oil sands legal fight

Author: Ed Crooks, Financial Times

The UK's Co-op banking and investment group is paying £50,000 ($71,000) to fund a legal action in Canada that could block the development of the country's oil sands by companies such as Royal Dutch Shell and BP. The money will be used to fund evidence-gathering for the case being brought by the Beaver Lake Cree nation, an aboriginal community in Alberta, the province where the oil sands industry is based. The Beaver Lake Cree argue that their rights to hunt, fish and gather plants in the area, granted by treaty in 1876, have been violated because of pollution created by oil sands developments.

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17 February 2009

Cree Elder Speaks Out Against Alberta Oil Sands

Author: Produced by Macdonald Stainsby of Oil Sands Truth, with Maya Rolbin-Ghanie and Dru Oja Jay of The Dominion [Canada]

Here are clips from an interview with Celina Harpe, an elder in the Cree community of Fort Mackay, about 40km downstream from Suncor and Syncrude oil sands processing plants on the Athabasca River. She describes the increase in cancer, the lowering of the water levels on the river, and the disappearance of wildlife in the area.

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