NGOs & trade unions

  • Additional references to Guiding Principles by NGOs & others, before they were endorsed in June 2011: see this page on the Guiding Principles
  • Applications of UN "Protect, Respect and Remedy" framework by NGOs and others, identified by UN Special Representative Ruggie during his mandate (Jun 2005-Jul 2011): click here

Global Compact Network Netherlands, Oxfam & Shift: Doing business with respect for human rights, Nov 2016

Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID): Principles Without Justice: The corporate takeover of human rights, Mar 2016

SOMO, Accountability Counsel & others: Glass Half Full? The State of Accountability in Development Finance , Jan 2016

Swiss Coalition of Corporate Justice: Swiss Coalition of Corporate Justice to collect signatures for referendum on mandatory corporate human rights due diligence, 19 Jan 2015

ICAR & PODER: Mexico: ICAR & PODER launch project support development of National Action Plan, 12 Jan 2015

Global Policy Forum, Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt), MISEREOR: "Working Paper: Corporate Influence on the Business and Human Rights Agenda of the UN", 18 Jun 2014

European Coalition for Corporate Justice: "The ECCJ’s recommendations on EU priorities for the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights Danish EU Presidency Expert Conference on Business & Human Rights", 2 May 2014

KOFF (Centre for Peacebuilding): "Swiss NAP on Business & Human Rights - KOFF Newsletter No. 125, March 2014", KOFF (Centre for Peacebuilding) Mar 2014

Germanwatch & MISEREOR: Report: Global Business and Human Rights: Putting Germany to the Test, Feb 2014
- Executive summary (in English)
- Full report (only available in German)

Shift & Caritas-Zambia: "Shift collaborates on civil society workshop in Zambia", Shift, 16 Jul 2013

EarthRights Intl.: "Business and human rights workshop held in Cambodia", 26 Jun 2013

Oxfam Intl.: "Business and Human Rights: An Oxfam perspective on the UN Guiding Principles", 13 Jun 2013

Intl. Corporate Accountability Roundtable, European Coalition for Corporate Justice, Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability: "Human rights due diligence: the role of states", Dec 2012
- Database of human rights due diligence regulations, Apr 2013

CIDSE: Briefing for civil society: "The UN Protect, Respect, Remedy Framework & Guiding Principles: Driving Change?", Mar 2013

Institute for Human Rights and Business, in collaboration with Calvert Investments and Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility: "New Guide Helps Investors Address Human Rights Risks", 4 Mar 2013

Social Resources Institute, Great Britain-China Centre: Draft of non-judicial grievance mechanism framework for Chinese factories, based on UN Guiding Principles, 2013

Vietnam: "Oxfam report finds Unilever practices in Vietnam wanting - Unilever allowed Oxfam's researchers into its factory, commits to improve", Feb 2013

The Oakland Institute: "Unheard Voices: The Human Rights Impact of Land Investment on Indigenous Communities in Gambella", 5 Feb 2013

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - Cambodia, Indigenous Community Support Organization: "Protect, Respect, Remedy - A Guide on Business and Human Rights", 1 Feb 2013
Picture book for indigenous communities in English & Khmer

Cambodian Center for Human Rights: "CCHR highlights concerns about increased strikes at garment factories in 2013", 27 Jan 2013

Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East: "Indigenous people are not only a vulnerable group; they should be considered as equal partners", 7 Dec 2012

Western Sahara Research Watch: "WRSW asks Total to leave Western Sahara", Erik Hagen, Chair, Western Sahara Resource Watch, 7 Dec 2012
- Total response also provided

Human Rights First: "A blueprint for Human Rights & Business", Meg Roggensack, Human Rights First, on Initiative for Human Rights and Business, 2013
full text of Blueprint, Dec 2012

SOMO: "More than 18 months after endorsement of Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", 19 Dec 2012

BankTrack, ECA Watch, Center for Intl. Environmental Law: "Financing Human Rights Abuse: The Role of Public and Private Financial Institutions", Dec 2012

Fédération internationale des droits de l'homme: "Speech of Debbie Stothard at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights", 5 Dec 2012

Amnesty Intl.: "Transforming pain into hope: Human Rights Defenders in the Americas", 1 Dec 2012

Global March Against Child Labour: Global March Against Child Labour's Submission to the United Nations (UN) Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises, 14 Nov 2012

Human Rights Law Centre: Australia: Human Rights Law Centre recommendations to govt. on implementation of UN Guiding Principles, 23 Nov 2012

Intl. Trade Union Confederation, IndustriALL Global Union, Clean Clothes Campaign, UNI Global Union: "The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the human rights of workers to form or join trade unions and to bargain collectively", 22 Nov 2012

Amnesty: "Review of the OECD Recommendations of the Council on Common Approaches for Officially Supported Export Credits and Environmental and Social Due Diligence", 12 Nov 2012

Center for Intl. Environmental Law, Amnesty Intl., Human Rights Watch: "Re: World Bank Group Should Commit to Human Rights", 8 Nov 2012

SOMO, CEDHA & Cividep India: "How to use the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in company research and advocacy", Nov 2012

Rights & Accountability in Development (RAID): "Polishing the family silver: Response to FSA's Consultation Paper CP12/25 - Enhancing the effectiveness of the Listing Regime", Nov 2012

Human Rights First: "Online Safety under Repressive Regimes: What is the Responsibility of Technology Companies?", 19 Oct 2012

TUC (Trades Union Congress): "TUC position paper: UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", Oct 2012

Global Rights: Partners for Justice: "Regional Training Workshop on Business and Human Rights" for NGOs from resource-rich African countries, London, 8-11 Oct 2012

Amnesty International: "Briefing: Vedanta's perspectives uncovered: Policies cannot mask practices in Orissa" [India], 28 Aug 2012

Cambodian Center for Human Rights: "Fact sheet: Business and Human Rights Project", 6 Aug 2012

Intl. Corporate Accountability Roundtable: "Statement to US State Department on UN Framework and Guiding Principles Implementation", 31 Jul 2012

Institute for Human Rights and Business: "Burma: first steps for investment of western capital", 31 Jul 2012

FIDH member organizations from Asia, Africa and the Americas: "Lima Declaration on human rights and business", 27 Jul 2012

Citizens for Justice (Malawi): "Areas of Intervention - Business & Human Rights" [no date]

Fédération internationale des droits de l'homme et als: "Lima Declaration on Human Rights and Business", 27 Jul 2012

Intl. Trade Union Confederation: "The United Nations 'Protect, Respect, Remedy' Framework for Business and Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights - Briefing Note for Trade Unionists" [PDF], 3 Jul 2012
        “A Trade Union Guide to the UN Framework on Business and Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles” [PDF], Jul 2012

Stop Child Labour - School is the Best Place to Work: "Action plan for companies to combat child labour", 12 Jun 2012

Intl. Corporate Accountability Roundtable: "Human Rights Due Diligence" 19 Mar 2012

Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR): “Yesterday’s Eviction at Borei Keila Fails to Respect the 'Three Pillars' of Business and Human Rights”, [PDF]  4 Jan 2012

Germanwatch, Misereor, European Center for Constitutional & Human Rights, German civil society networks Forum Human Rights and Corporate Accountability (CorA): "Rights and Accountability: States and Companies need to act on Business and Human Rights issues", 23 Nov 2011

Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute (Japan): "Guidelines on Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights" [in English] [in Japanese], Nov 2011

Swedwatch & SOMO: "Out of focus: Labour rights in Vietnam's digital camera factories", Nov 2011 [asks what due diligence processes electronics companies should have in place to comply with OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and UN Guiding Principles]

Global Witness: "New Guardian film showcases ongoing abuse of civilians in eastern Congo's mines", in Guardian (UK), 16 Sep 2011 [calling for US conflict minerals regulations to mirror UN Guiding Principles]

Conflict Risk Network: "Conflict Risk Network calls on Italian oil company to ensure it's not fueling Qaddafi", 1 Aug 2011

Rights & Accountability in Development (RAID): "Arrests of Leaders of Fire Nation (Gal Undesten) and United Movement of Mongolian Rivers and Lakes (UMMRL)", letter to Mongolian Govt. by Tricia Feeney, RAID, 3 Jul 2011

Berne Declaration: "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Credit Suisse, UBS and Human Rights", Andreas Missbach, Fabian Jucker, Berne Declaration, Jul 2011
[includes companies' responses]

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