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30 April 2014

[PDF] Private Military & Security Companies and their impacts on human rights: Recent developments

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

In relation to reported negative human rights impacts by PMSCs, some continue to occur in areas of conflict or weak governance such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, but we have seen a rising of reports alleging abuses in other regions, especially in...

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20 February 2014

war, money and survival

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12 February 2014

Honduras: No Justice for Wave of Killings Over Land

Author: Human Rights Watch Americas

…The…report, “‘There Are No Investigations Here’: Impunity for Killings and Other Abuses in Bajo Aguán, Honduras” examines 29 homicides and two abductions in Bajo Aguán since 2009, as well as human rights violations by soldiers and police…The Bajo...

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10 December 2013

Privatization of war: Montreux+5 Conference

Author: Intl. Committee of the Red Cross

The Montreux+5 Conference will be an opportunity for States and international organizations to share experiences on regulating private military and security companies and look at how to promote the Montreux document on the operations of such companies...

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3 October 2013

Should gamers be accountable for in-game war crimes?

Author: Keith Stuart, on Guardian blog

[T]he International Committee of the Red Cross told a [BBC] reporter that, due to the increasing verisimilitude between first-person shooters and real-life combat, games should start to abide by the international laws of armed conflict...What the Red...

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24 September 2013

Mercenary services outlawed by parliament (Switzerland)


Private security contractors based in Switzerland will no longer be allowed to provide mercenaries and will have to report to the federal authorities any services they plan to supply beyond the country’s borders. New legislation...will be applied to...

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1 September 2013

[PDF] Sustainable Business & Investment in the global context: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities [China]

Author: Global Business Initiative on Human Rights

This report has been written to document key speeches, discussions, insights and outcomes from event series entitled ‘Sustainable Business and Investment in the Global Context: Rights, Risks and Responsibilities’, held in...

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31 October 2012

Ford Motor Company Provides $50,000 for Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts [USA]

Author: PR Newswire

Ford employees and Ford Motor Company Fund are contributing $50,000 to the American Red Cross...for areas hit by Hurricane Sandy..."Hurricane Sandy has had a devastating impact on many states," said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund..."We...

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20 September 2012

Humanitarian debate: Law, policy, action - Business, violence and conflict

Author: International Committee of the Red Cross

While economic stakes have nurtured conflict throughout history, the imprint of multinational business enterprises on international relations and security matters has never been greater. Thus, in some areas plagued by armed conflict or violence, public...

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30 April 2012
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En 2000, un…grupo de gobiernos, empresas y organizaciones no gubernamentales cooperaron en el desarrollo y lanzamiento de un conjunto de Principios Voluntarios de Seguridad y Derechos Humanos (“VPSHR” por su denominación en inglés)…[que tienen] por...

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