Multi-stakeholder consultations - 2010

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- UN Special Representative Visits Egypt [PDF], 14 Dec 2010

- Online forum for consultation on Special Representative Ruggie's work, currently open for comments on "Guiding Principles"


- Consultations on "Guiding Principles": With business (Paris, 5 Oct), governments (Geneva, 6 Oct), civil society (Geneva, 10-11 Oct)

  • Speeches, interventions & submissions:

- Keynote address at the Civil Society Consultations of the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Business and Human Rights [PDF], Irene Khan, board member of the Institute for Human Rights and Business, Geneva, 11 October 2010

- Intervention in relation to UN Special Representative Ruggie's consultations [DOC], joint statement by National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) from Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Korea, New Zealand and Venezuela, 12 Oct 2010

- français : Remarques du gouvernement français sur les documents préparatoires à la réunion de consultation du 6 octobre 2010 [DOC]

- Towards an Implementation of Human Rights in Business Practice [PDF], Entreprises pour les Droits de l'Homme (EDH), published 25 Jan 2011

  • Summary notes of the consultations:

- Consultation with business [PDF]

- Consultation with UN Member States [PDF]

- Consultation with civil society [PDF]

- “Expert Meeting of North American Corporate and External Counsel: Exploring Human Rights Due Diligence” - held under the mandate of Special Representative Ruggie, at Lovells LLP, New York, 30 Apr 2010: