UNICEF, ILO & UN Women publish ‘family-friendly’ recommendations for employers during COVID-19

Author: UNICEF, ILO and UN Women, Published on: 31 March 2020

“Family-friendly policies and other good workplace practices in the context of COVID-19: key steps employers can take”, 27 March 2020

[COVID-19]…is heavily affecting labour markets and economies, including global supply chains, leading to widespread business disruptions [and]…loss of jobs [and]…income. Self-employed, domestic and care workers and those in casual...employment are at particular risk. [T]he fast-evolving situation means disrupted education and childcare, family illness and potential loss of household income.

[D]omestic care responsibilities for working parents, especially women, have increased. By giving working parents…time, information [and] services…, [as well as]…employment and income protection, paid leave to care for family members, flexible working arrangements and access to quality…childcare…; [they can] protect and care for themselves, their children and their relatives. Employers can also play an important role in gathering and reporting sex-disaggregated data on how the situation is particularly affecting women.

[UNICEF, ILO and UN Women have published interim recommendations]…for employers to mitigate the negative consequences stemming from COVID-19…, [strengthening their workers and their families].

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