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Union Leader Blames BP for His Torture

Author: Ryan Abbot, Courthouse News Services , Published on: 28 February 2012

An oil worker and union leader claims right-wing death squads kidnapped and tortured him in Colombia at the behest of...BP. Gilberto Edgar Torres Martinez...sued BP in Federal Court. Torres claims BP recklessly hired the paramilitary thugs to protect its Colombian pipeline, and violated the Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victims Protection Act by allowing them to falsely accuse him of being a guerilla and torture him... Torres claims BP's subsidiary, BP Exploration Company (BPXC), joined a group of multinational oil corporations...which operated a pipeline in the Casanare region of Colombia..."By 1996, BPXC had begun providing special training on lethal techniques to its counter-guerrilla soldiers and local police in the areas of BPXC's facilities," the complaint states. "BPXC also provided funding for boots, uniforms, food, shelter, health services, and security and communications equipment for soldiers."

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