Unmarried women in Asia: A business issue?

Author: Esther Teh, CSR Asia, Published on: 16 November 2011

In Asia, many companies have a preference for hiring unmarried women. Women about to get married or have married are being turned away by companies. Business is concerned about staff shortages as women take maternity leave, but also the increased domestic responsibilities related with being married and having children...In 2007, a report by the Korea Labour Institute found that some family-friendly policies, such as allowances for child care and granting women permission to take nursing time out from their daily schedules, are correlated with higher revenues per employee...In a world with a fierce competition for talent, companies cannot afford to exclude certain segments of the workforce when identifying future leaders. Companies need to strengthen the proportion of women (including married ones) at all levels...So although the freedom of choice for women should be celebrated, businesses can help in ensuring that it does not become a choice between productivity now and workforce shortage in the future, or for women a choice between marriage and work. [refers to PepsiCo,Temasek Holdings, HTC, VIA Technologies, Forever 21]

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