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Uprising in Angola targets Leviev diamond mining company

Author: Adalah-NY, Published on: 16 October 2008

Though unreported in english media, portuguese-language reports from Angola document that a rebellion last week against diamond mining companies in the Cuango municipality in northeast Angola was repressed brutally by mining companies’ private security forces, police and military, resulting in at least one death and over 100 arrests. An Angolan human rights activist informed Adalah-NY that Luminas, a company owned partly by Lev Leviev and based near the town of Luremo in Cuango municipality, was one of mining companies targeted in the rebellion, though Luminas is not specifically named in the translated report below...During the revolt, some members of the rebellion clashed with units from the ALFA-5 security company as well as with units from the police and military that had moved in to restore order...Eduardo Kuangana...attributed the origins of the uprising to the dominance of diamond mining companies in the area, as well as to their various abuses...According to Sapalo Mutayi...the incident began from within the Society for Mining Development (SDM) [joint venture Endiama & Odebrecht], which protects the security company, ALPHA 5.

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