US court orders Thomson Safaris to disclose documents in lawsuit over alleged land grabs & abuses in Tanzania

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22 April 2014

Tanzanian Maasai Villagers Win Fight For Information about Land-Grabs and Forced Eviction against Luxury Boston Safari Company

Author: Marissa Vahlsing & Lucy Claridge, EarthRights International

A high-end safari operator must turn over documents and testimony about alleged land-grabbing and violence to the leaders of three Maasai villages in Tanzania, according to an order issued…by a federal magistrate judge in Boston. The villagers…petitioned to receive this evidence in order to support their fight in the Tanzanian courts to recover land that they lost to Thomson Safaris and damages for violent abuses and property destruction…According to the lawsuit in Tanzania, company security guards and police officers burned Maasai homes and beat villagers who tried to gain access to the land…Under the court order, Thomson Safaris and its owners…will turn over documents and give sworn testimony about the sale of Sukenya Farm, the alleged home burnings and beatings, and the conversion of the land from Maasai grazing territory to a deluxe private reserve…

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