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US Supreme Court declines to review judgment obtained by Chevron against lawyer of community seeking enforcement of Ecuadorian $9 billion oil pollution decision

Lago Agrio Ecuador in 2007, Photo Credit Julien Gomba licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

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23 June 2017

Ecuadorian people affected by Chevron’s oil pollution continue to seek justice in other countries after US Supreme Court decision

Author: teleSUR

"Washing Hands of US Supreme Court, Ecuador's Amazon Chevron Victims Seek Justice Abroad", 22 Jun 2017

After finding no justice in the U.S. Supreme Court earlier in the week, Ecuador will continue its 25-year battle against U.S. oil giant Chevron overseas. The move aims to fulfill the demands of 80 Indigenous rural Ecuadoreans in the Amazon who accuse Texaco, since acquired by Chevron, of rendering their land toxic between 1964 and 1990...

As a result of the U.S. Supreme Court's unwillingness to hear the case, thus blocking any ability to enforce the Ecuadorean rulings, Donziger has resorted to moving against Chevron in other countries.

In Canada, Donziger and his allies attempted to have Chevron's facilities seized and sold to fulfill the judgment, but in January, the judge ruled that the Canadian subsidiary of the oil company couldn't be held liable for the parent corporation's actions.

However, Donziger expects that his appeal of the ruling should be won this coming fall despite Chevron's “strategy to tie us up in procedural knots so the trial happens as far down the road as possible.”

The Ecuadoreans have also sought the enforcement of their country's judgment in the courts of Argentina, Brazil and the British territory of Gibraltar, but Chevron has stated that prosecutors in the two countries are urging courts not to recognize the judgment...


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19 June 2017

U.S. Supreme Court Makes “Grave Mistake” in Refusing to Hear Chevron's $12 Billion Pollution Liability in Ecuador

Author: Amazon Defense Coalition - FDA

Ecuadorian indigenous villagers and their lawyer today said the U.S. Supreme Court made a “grave mistake’” in refusing to hear evidence that Chevron committed a massive fraud to evade paying a $12 billion Ecuador pollution judgment…

Statement from the Amazon Defense Coalition…:

“…Chevron will be forced by other jurisdictions to pay every last dollar of the judgment imposed on it for its criminal behavior in Ecuador.  We are disappointed but not surprised that U.S. courts once again have refused to deal with the pollution problem in Ecuador caused by a U.S. company… “ 

Statement from Steven R. Donziger, the longtime lawyer for the Ecuadorian villagers…:

"The refusal by the Supreme Court to address the fact Chevron fabricated evidence to cover up its massive pollution in Ecuador is a grave mistake and a sad reflection on the U.S. judiciary in the eyes of the world. That said, Chevron will be held accountable in Canada where courts have agreed to consider the overwhelming evidence Chevron bribed a witness and manufactured evidence to evade paying the Ecuador pollution judgment…”

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19 June 2017

U.S. top court hands Chevron victory in Ecuador pollution case

Author: Lawrence Hurley, Reuters

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to Chevron…by preventing Ecuadorean villagers and their American lawyer from trying to collect on an $8.65 billion pollution judgment issued against the oil company by a court in Ecuador.

The justices turned away [a petition] by New York-based lawyer Steven Donziger, who has spent more than two decades trying to hold Chevron responsible for pollution in the Ecuadorean rain forest, of lower court rulings blocking enforcement in the United States of the 2011 judgment.

While not disputing that pollution occurred…Chevron has said it is not liable and that Donziger and his associates orchestrated the writing of a key environmental report and bribed the presiding judge in Ecuador…

The plaintiffs have said they plan to continue efforts to enforce the judgment in other countries, including Canada, regardless of the outcome in the United States…

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19 June 2017

United States Supreme Court Denies Petition for Review by Lawyer Behind Fraudulent Ecuador Lawsuit

Author: Chevron

The United States Supreme Court has denied a certiorari petition seeking review of a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirming extensive district court findings that a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron Corporation was the product of fraud and racketeering activity, and unenforceable in the United States…

“The facts of the Ecuadorian judicial extortion scheme and the illegality of the plaintiffs’ lawyer misconduct have been finally and conclusively affirmed by the legal system of the United States,” said [a Chevron representative]. “Today’s decision is an important step toward bringing this illegal scheme to a final conclusion.”...

[The plaintiffs lawyer's] attempts to enforce the fraudulent judgment in other jurisdictions have also been met with resistance…

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